This release fixes a potentially serious bug which could produce mal-formed XML. Please get the latest version from CodePlex –

If you are interested in the gory details follow along.

I use a DataSet object to read the xml file by using the DataSet.ReadXml method. This makes it easy to map the hierarchical structure of the Perfmon and Profiler nodes to the TreeView control.

The problem could be demonstrated by loading a configuration such as SQL Server 2008 R2 and then navigating to the Profiler Options pane. Once enabled, if you selected a template from the combobox that had a different number of child records than the main configuration file, I incorrectly merged their contaents.

This led to the incorrectly formed XML in the output.

In order to solve this I had to implement a full match /merge operation which would not only get the new default values from the template, but in the case where there were new rows I had to add them to the collection.

Thank you for the feedback from the Microsoft Premier Field Engineers in Portugal and Germany who helped discover this bug.

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